The Story

Being born a Greek George Pan Andreas grew up dreaming of becoming a bullfighter and fighting in the arena. For a Greek bull fighting is a highly ritualized cultural event and an art form. Even though many see bullfighting as deeply tied to Hispanic culture and identity bullfighting goes back to Minoan Crete where the bull-leaping ritual was practiced by youths of both sexes and was immortalized in the famous wall-frescos.

“ It all started with the Greeks, we all come from Greeks.”

Inspired by his older flicks – the adventures of Zeus, a well-known cult-action-series-comedy, “The Crime Killer” and “Golden Target” character who became an international “friend” to Police, Security and Law Enforcement all over the world – George Pan Andreas wanted to continue the Saga and thus created “The Matadors”.


Throughout the movie we will find the main character Zeus repeating his famous lines:

“You talk too much” – line running at least 3 to 4 times with actors: Lee and Candice

“You hurt me boss” – from Zeus One (a line most Law and Security Enforcement feels and taunts moviegoers.)

In order to document himself George immediately flew to south, to Mexico, where he formed a lifelong friendship with El Pana, Salvador and all the other great matadors, south of the border. George literally became a matador.

The Movie shows that bullfighting is a tough job, even though the men behind bullfighting are like you and I, but with a touch of fantastic.

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